About Us

At Design Mojo, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. We feel that we can consolidate your options under one roof, provide cost effective options and of course, some killer design work along the way. We’re passionate about our work and we make it our mission to help businesses achieve it. We focus on hearing your goals and we work to develop an actionable plan to help make your vision a reality. We are here to tell your brand’s story. It’s one of the least understood aspects of great marketing, and often feels overwhelming. But we see this as a great opportunity to grow along with our clientele. When our clients win, so do we. We are excited to simplify marketing for every size business through our processes, knowledge, and our extended strategic partnership community.

We understand you are busy working in your business, and we’re ready to help you build upon your success.

Our Beginning

Design Mojo was founded by Jane Kenney and her business partner in 1996. The company was called The Kenney Toncar Group and started as a traditional marketing agency, focusing on National Print placements in both Yellow Pages and Direct Mail. 

Early Growth

We became industry certified and grew our knowledge base in collecting data that would prove an ROI on campaigns placed. This increased our desire to learn more about how we could direct our clients to more cost-effective marketing programs.

Change Was in the Air

As we rolled into 2008, a lot changed. The economy was changing, we needed to stay nimble and mindful of our clients needs. Jane’s business partner retired.  In addition to our internal dynamics changing, it was clear that technology was evolving, and we needed to embrace and learn. We were challenged to expand our expertise outside of traditional marketing to include digital marketing.  The learning curve was real, and we learned along side our clients. 

A Mojo Makeover

With our broader marketing efforts in full swing, we rebranded from The Kenney Toncar Group to Design Mojo 2011. We rolled out a suite of new products and services. We stayed true to our roots and continued with Traditional Marketing but now have Digital, Analytics, SEO, Brand Management, Large Format Creative/Printing, Web Design. We celebrated 15 years by ushering in a full-service Creative Design Department. Who can have a makeover without a little design thrown in?

To Infinity and Beyond!

In 2021, Design Mojo is celebrating it’s 25th year in business. We’ve made many dramatic improvements to our core services over the years in order to keep our competitive advantage. Now, more than ever, we are committed to helping our clients let their audiences know they are still here and ready to do business.

Help Us Write the Next Chapter!

Because of the nature of our industry, our success depends upon the success of our clients. That’s why we’ve put together a great team comprised of the best and brightest in their respective fields. But in today’s business culture, just being good at what you do isn’t quite enough. Our friendly service and our positive energy translate to positive results for all who are involved. So let’s build an even better and brighter future for our businesses. We’re all in this together!