At Design Mojo, we employ a team of driven and dynamic individuals with a passion for accomplishment and depth in their respective area of expertise. Our employees are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work. We actively promote an environment where smart, creative and motivated individuals collaborate towards the success of our clients and our company as a whole.

Jane Kenney-Heitman

creator of opportunities

Since 1996 Jane has led the agency’s efforts to identify and secure strategic partnerships. And as the times have changed so have we. Today we continue to expand Design Mojo’s footprint to meet the needs of our clients, past, present and future. She has a driving passion for building relationships and has been able to connect the strategic vision of our clients.

Background & Studies:
Attended Kent State University, and a graduate of Cleveland State University and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program (Babson College). Jane also enjoys taking an active role in the non-profit community to help them deliver their message.

Jane enjoys time with her husband Rick and her daughter Emily who is now attending the University of South Carolina.

Jane and her team are investing in a future that promises to be even more exciting than our past.

Hassan Donaldson

marketing ninja

Hassan’s experience, education and training allows him to contribute to your organization using proven technical, organizational, training and marketing skills in order to provide quality leads.

  • Hassan has over 15 years of working experience in Marketing Management
  • Over 8 years of working experience in Managing and Developing Direct Marketing Programs, Websites, Point of Purchase Materials, Brochures, Posters, Banners, Newsletters and other Marketing Related Materials
  • From the profile pic you can see he loves spending time with his son

Benjamin Shoop


Ben is our web guy. He handles the technical aspects of web development, hosting and support. Ben is fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP and knows a little bit of English as well. Ben proudly lives most of his life in digital space. Even in his spare time, Ben writes code, plays video games, and when those get boring, he plays video games.


Richard Heitman

operations kingpin

Clients who work with Rick appreciate his quick wit and engaging demeanor, and the fact that he always goes the extra mile taking care of their projects. Fellow Design Mojo staffers also appreciate these qualities in Rick, and agree they more than make up for his all-out obsession with loud music and fast cars.

In addition to his responsibilities as an Operations Manager, Rick serves as Large Format Printing Coordinator, spearheading Design Mojo’s vehicle graphics, sign and billboard projects and other marketing efforts. He enjoys time with the wife and his four-legged shadow named Charlie (who is a girl).

Tony Romaniuk

caffeinated art director

Straight outta CLE, powered by java, Tony is a devoted Information Designer. He believes that the ability to nuance a marketing project with proper design is as much of a science as it is an artform. He oversees all creative output of Design Mojo and works closely with clients to ensure that their needs and his drive for excellence coincide.

Background & Studies:
Information Technoloy, Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Project Management, Sales